poem. (Translation of the above poem)

poem. (Translation of the above poem)

Material things perish in floods but knowledge acquired by man stays with him.
A wild fire can consume anything except education
No authority can take possession of one’s learning
Knowledge is the only wealth that multiplies when shared.
It can neither be measured nor stolen.
When the true glory that is education, resides within why does man search for things outside?

Nestled in the oldest living city of Madurai overlooking the Thiruparankundram hill, The New School was inaugurated by Thiagarajar group of educational institutions in October 2022.

"Necessity is the mother of invention" and rightly so, The New School emerged out of a mother’s need for a space dedicated to the holistic development of children.

Education is not just about learning core subjects such as math and science or about job training. It certainly helps the students to look for productive employment using concept learning but that should not be the only goal. True Education should prepare a person to face all the challenges that come his way and help him to live in harmony with himself and others.

Learning doesn’t start at school, it starts right from the moment a baby is born and continues for life and is beyond books. We strongly believe one approach doesn’t suit all.

Classes Offered :


With wonder in their eyes for the world around them , curiosity flowing through their little hands and feet, children from ages 2 to 6 adorn our school. We have

  • Ammavum Naanum
  • Nursery
  • Kindergarten

A place where unspoken emotions are understood...


Raising a child goes beyond educating them. We see parents as one of us; in this sense, we are a strong growing community.

From the moment we are aware of our child’s presence in our lives, we with the help of our instincts decide what our children need – be it a complex major decision or something simple. At The New School, we would like that to continue. We want parents also to be a part of their child's journey from kindergarten through grade school years. Parents are welcome at our campus any time and to be there for their children. We respect individual parent choices and the many different parenting styles. We try to take in as many inputs as we can and incorporate them accordingly. We understand your concerns regarding our different approach towards education and are happy to help you understand us better. Know more

A word on our PARENTS CIRCLE

There are moments when we have felt clueless and wanted support. Sometimes a different perspective on things would come in handy. We at The New School organise parents circle once in one to two months for all our parents to meet, discuss and share tips on topics that would benefit a lot of us.

Upcoming events

Our classrooms are getting a new stunning look.

An outdoor play using natural materials and a cycle track are being planned and will open soon.

Grade school construction is going to begin sooner. We anticipate our school opening in June 2024 and be ready in time for our first batch of upper kindergarten students.